Creating SSM Parameters

Michael, 27 June 2019

There are many services that I really like in AWS but one of those that doesn’t get a lot of attention is AWS Systems Manager. While I can’t say that I use all the features regularly of this service, two that I use a lot are the Session Manager and also the parameter store.

For this post, I will show how to create a value in the parameter store - I use this all the time because it is better than storing passwords in plain text and access to the credential is actually audited.

To create a value in parameter store you run the following command from the CLI:

aws ssm put-parameter --name mysecurepassword --type SecureString --value "passw0rd"

This will create the password in the Systems Manager Parameter store. Access to the credential can be controlled by IAM and if you have enabled it you can audit accesses to it via CloudTrail.